There are those who are able to think for themselves, who think outside the box and defy the hatred they were brought up on. Their minds and hearts opened up to learn about their so called “enemy” known as the Jews. Many of those who crave warm, peaceful, friendships with Jews and Israelis wouldn’t dare expressing their thoughts in public. However, there are a few courageous souls who decided to speak up loudly and clearly against anti-semitism (which I’d rather refer to as anti-Jewish sentiments), BDS and the anti-Israel propaganda not only in their own countries but also in the West.

Reznic, Michal.  “Op-Ed: Why We Should Support Muslim Peace Activists.”  Jerusalem Online, May 10, 2015.

Addendum – May 14, 2015

Affection for Israel need have no discriminators, of course.  This excerpt comes from Arab Canadian Fred Maroun:

Despite this, Israel still has a surprisingly diverse set of defendants, mostly among Jews, but also among non-Jews. These remarkable people have decided to stand for what’s right rather than for what’s hip. The non-Jewish pro-Israel activists come from all backgrounds: Arabs such as Palestinian Bassem Eid, Syrian Aboud Dandachi, Egyptian Hussein Aboubakr, Lebanese Jonathan El-Khoury, and Jordanian Mudar Zahran; non-Arab Muslims such as Kasim Hafeez; Christians such as Father Gabriel Naddaf; African-Americans such as Dumisani Washington; North American Natives such as Ryan Mervyn Bellerose; and many others.

Maroun, Fred.  “Israel is the indicative moral struggle of our time.”  The Jerusalem Post, May 12, 2015.

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