The Last English Prince


In December of 2004 I received an article from a strident Islamist from Pakistan. The article was released by an Islamist group and had 812 “reads” at the point it entered my e mail box. The article is copied below:

32 US Marines Killed in ‘Special Falluja Attack’

“In an attack which is deemed the first of its kind, 32 US marines were killed when 3 Iraqi Resistance Fighters commandeered a US tank and used its guns to open fire on US forces in the area.

The Resistance Fighters, belonging to the 1st army of Mohammed, were able to attack and kill the 6 occupants of the US tank which was located at the main street near the veterinary hospital in Falluja.

The Fighters than used the tank’s machine gun and shells to attack a cluster of US marines located about 300 meters away who were holed up…

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