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“Organizations like Rabbis for Human Rights who get money from the European Union, get money from the New Israel Fund, they’re using that money to smear Israel’s name around the world by using the example of Susiya, which is a one-hundred percent illegal village, and using that as an example of the bad Israeli occupier not allowing the poor Palestinians to live here, and that’s a scene they want to create, but hopefully with this video, you have seen a different view of that, and the truth has to come out.”

Posted to YouTube June 28, 2012.



The above photos were first viewed by BackChannels in Sar Shalom’s article at http://israel-thrives.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-truth-about-susiya.html (July 23, 2015).  Related links: http://regavim.org/susiya_facts/ and http://regavim.org/letter2ambassadorresusiya/

Real ethnic cleansing proceeds with a concept from the dark mirror in language — https://conflict-backchannels.com/coins-and-other-terms/anthropolitical-psychology/paranoid-delusional-narcissistic-reflection-of-motivation/ — i.e., the ability to deliberately invert a situation (so the Jews are attacking Hitler and Germany) and present the inversion as the truth.  Anti-Semitic ideation — and much bigotry toward others as well, Rwandan Tutsi, Hungarian Roma, for examples– appears to rely on such knee-jerk nationalist or racist cant and its Orwellian head-nodding acceptance — or embrace by those most benefitting from this form of lawless territorial aggression, and doubtless not the souls camped out but their wealthy handlers.

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Addendum – Forwarded by Regavim: Background on Sussiya

Susiya- the Facts, and only the Facts

A historical village? Not really! The claim that this is an Arab village which existed hundreds of years, or even decades, is completely false. According to travelers in the 19th century, and from surveys of villages and population conducted by the British mandatory powers in 1945, which mention all of the villages in the area and even some of the inhabitants, there is no hint of the existence of a village named Susiya, except as an ancient archeological site. This rocky land on which this illegal encampment is situated served the purpose of grazing land. In those days, only during the grazing months, the caves in the area provided temporary protection for the shepherds from the village of Yatta from robbers, wild animals, and inclement weather. Aerial photographs testify that in this place, there never was any settlement before the year 2000, except for 4 or 5r structures which were built illegally during the late 1990’s.

Jewish history. In the archaeological excavations on the ancient site, there was found an ancient Jewish settlement which dated from the 4th to the 9th centuries of the Common Era. According to the scholars, this was a thriving Jewish community, which existed hundreds of years after the destruction of the Second Temple, and achieved the height of its development at the end of the Byzantine period, and at the beginning of the old Arab period. On the site, they discovered a large synagogue, ritual baths, homes, community buildings, and other structures. Further, in 1986, 277 dunam in the area were allocated to establish an archaeological site, and from then on, it was forbidden for the shepherds to use the old caves. At first, during the grazing seasons, the shepherds came and put up tents and —- for the period of the grazing, but in the last decade, the Nawaja family has tried to take permanent control over the area.

Not an expulsion—an eviction of squatters. Research in the population registries of the Civil Administration indicates that the majority of the families found in the illegal encampment owned homes in the village of Yatta. The Najawa family, who lives in Yatta, seized control of lands which do not at all belong to them. Thus, we are not speaking of driving people off of their lands, but of evicted illegal squatters who have put up tens of structures in violation of the law.

Illegal building – At present, there are about 64 structures in the encampment, all of which were built illegally and without building permits from the authorities of the Civil Administration. 85% of these structures were put up between 2011 and 2013, by systematically ignoring the administrative orders of the supervising authorities(?) which forbid continuation of the building, and even contrary to the specific orders of the High Court of the State of Israel, which has been involved in this case since the year 2001. The Court has ruled that the claims of the squatters to ownership of the land are invalid, and there is no basis to approve building on that area.

Contempt of Court – In 2013, the High Court issued an interim order against the illegal building, which explicitly found that the is forbidden to carry out more illegal building in the encampment in addition to that which already existed. Yet, after the issuance of that order, more than 33 illegal structures were put up, which amount to more than half of the total number of structures in the encampment. To anyone who respects the law, it is clear that this is a scandal and in contempt of the rule of law.

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