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“Kritarchy”? “Caliphate” in other words? From Afghanistan to Yemen, how is that working out?

The “Communities of freedom to live the way they want to live” needs to cover about 7,000 living language cultures, Including Arabic and Hebrew cultures while not excluding any of the 6,998 others who have evolved in their own ways. Those 7,000 are distinctly speaking peoples distributed across about 40 major religions and Thousands of subsets and cults, cults including idolatrous ones like ISIS.

Shouldn’t we all just get along?

I advocate for geospatial ethnolinguistic cultural concentration and separation attenuated by forgiving and largely secular margins and mutually respectful cultural diaspora.

None of us, individually or culturally, are all that special on any physical or metaphysical basis; however, each of us as persons and as parts of uniquely evolved cultures, is precious. Perhaps we should think about that in place of supremacism.

“Kritarchy” refers to the exclusive rule of judges, e.g., the “Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists” as in benevolent, liberal, modern 😉 Iran.  Even if the judges are mixed in some fashion, who would they be to judge others not of their faith, sensibilities, or traditions?




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