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I don’t feel divided or conquered; nor do I wish to demonize Obama EVEN IF he has promoted a “Peace in our times” treaty, i.e., a worthless piece of expletive deleted: I believe he has changed the structure in and around Iran in which warfare may be waged against the west. Point by point:

We have seen serious reductions in oil revenues funding the governments and national lifestyle of Russian and Iran: both have had to respond to that loss of income and the centralized power of distribution of the same (state capitalism: state patronage).

Despite the apparent failure of the “Arab Spring” (or “Persian Bloom”?), Iran’s colleges today are populated about 60 percent female! Women are going to be the educated person in the Next Iran. I’ll be surprised if those demographics don’t have an effect on the state within the next presidential term.

Speaking of which, Obama, as we say in the American colloquial mode, is “outta here” in about a year. Done. Finished. No more Barrack. He’s going to pick up his “chips” in favors owed (he could even turn out the world’s first trillionaire), but he’s going to be finished with the business of managing America’s governance, and the backlash to come is right here on Facebook in its conservative circles.

We’re going to have our guns.

Our vote is going to matter.

We’re going to get over, if we have to, “retribalization” and race, color, creed, and religion — as we have had idealized at the beginning, and that we have realized through civil war and civil rights movement and law suits and disputes across centuries.

Americans — doesn’t matter what race, color, creed, or religion, or gender preference, for that matter — are going to emerge from the Obama Years more egalitarian, ethical, just, and strong.

It could be the wine talking (with cold pizza), but at least I hope so.

The prompt had to do with the American Jewish community’s reaction to the “Nuclear Deal” with Iran.

I think “the deal” entirely bogus based on the character of the Iranian tyranny.


It’s dishonest with itself (you should visit the revision made to Wikipedia’s Iran’s Wealthiest page — something like that — and the listing of Ali and his brother commanding as much as $57 billion in personal portfolio); it’s sadistic with its critics and rivals; its “human rights” record makes sharks look like warm and fluffy pets.  On this blog, do the search for “Iran, hangings” (oh, heck, I can give you the URL).  This blog has always suggested to readers what these people — and people like them — are.

Filter that message politically (dictators), theologically (devils), or psychologically (sociopaths) and then tell me how you see them as “fathers” or “liberators” in any dimension but Hell.

Of course, I had to write on.

Some people shouldn’t “drink and drive” — I probably should not imbibe and write . . . but it made a nice BackChannels piece.

I really do believe, D., that with everything we discuss today, we have to take a broader and longer-range view of political and social realities.

I don’t believe “detente” will hold with Iran — it’s doing evil to its own people while conducting “war by proxy” against Israel, against the Syrian people (true), and against Yemen, right now, and isolating its governing powers every inch of the way.

I believe also, while I’m chatyping with wine, that Israel’s peace with Egypt will hold fast and strong, and that Muslims like N. and Jews like me need to pioneer a greater future together rather than apart. I may not be a “Jew’s Jew” by orthodox standards, or any standards at all. I am an American humanist, Diest, in alliance with nature, Emersonian and Shakespearian. My river is the Potomac, not the Jordan, but I hope my ethics and morality are, by and large, with Moses and, in this day and age, with Jewish kindness and love, just the same as gave voice to Hillel the Elder (35 BCE to 10 CE) and Christ and a fair part of Muhammad as well (“One scholar is more powerful against the devil than one thousand worshippers”). If we have immense problems with scripture and human organizations, well, that’s our immense capacity for language married to imagination and our deficits having to do with compassion and empathy.

Enough said (and I am positive about that).

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