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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plato It’s okay to indulge in pride but perhaps a little less exclusively, especially in the area of knowledge and culture, and that with the idea that every culture, however great or small, cosmopolitan or isolated, represents an adjustment among a gathered people to the exigencies of place at some point in time.

I think the world is done with “uncontacted people” — isolated primitive societies — at this point. All, probably, have been observed and brought under the protection of the more proficient states whose sovereignty claims responsibility for their land base. At the moment, Homo Sapiens sapiens enjoys about 7,000 living languages and about a fair number of major religions and their dozens of subcultures, schools, and rival factions, and every one of those languages and religions developed in time, and for some the origins have been lost in the mists of time and become the subjects of academic curiosity and exploration.


When Cleopatra was queen, Egypt had already a history ancient even to her.

The poem “Ozymandias” has had something to say about pride in accomplishments. In the western ethos and often a part of wisdom elsewhere, humility becomes a virtue. Not only God is greater but our own appearance and development species-wide may be a thing greater than we can comprehend, however we approach such knowledge about our own existence.

The stimulus: a rightly proud statement about the world’s first degree-granting university, but presented as simply the world’s first university, i.e., a center and repository for knowledge.

Revealed by the post-statement lookup:

The University of al-Qarawiyyin or al-Karaouine (Arabic: جامعة القرويين‎) is a university located in Fes, Morocco. It is the oldest existing, continually operating and the first degree awarding educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records[5] and is sometimes referred to as the oldest university.


Posted to YouTube 11/8/2008

If we set out to brag just a little less — while accomplishing a little more, quietly — we might have more peaceful world.

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