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But the pleasantries were not to be and the communication was cryptic. Could I come to the family home “right now?” It was an emergency. The eldest son had been arrested for taking a hoax bomb to school the previous day. NBC News had just left. The Dallas Morning News was present. How long would it take me to arrive?

http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/opinion/10-Nov-2015/deconstruction-of-a-pathological-narrative – 11/10/2015.

Tammy Swofford, the author of the piece, has been chatting with BackChannels’ editor for years.  The surreal Ahmed Mohamed clock-in-a-box story that broke in Irving, Texas landed not so much in her lap but much on her virtual table on which she had mixed curiosity about Islam and politics, friendship with the family, and file-it-away-for-later journalism.  Throughout the drama, she removed herself to the sidelines while watching in horror as the incident sped into international consciousness with President Obama’s tweet “Cool clock, Ahmed.”

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