I don’t know how everyone else acquires their faith or lack of! But I do know how I found mine (I found it after 19 lost souls blew themselves up and took 3000 innocents souls with them ! This was not a religion I wanted to be a part of! So I picked up the scripture with no commentary and read it for myself. God was in there. They were not ! ). The short compressed version of what is religious never gave me faith. It gave me fear and nothing else. I am not suggesting that we should not fear God. Oh, we should fear him alright! We should tremble in awe of the day we shall all answer to why was a single drop of blood spilt in His name. And if the only answer we have is : “er, em, well, Sheikh Know-It-All said Jerusalem must have an Arabic and Muslim governor at all time even at the risk of fast tracking the apocalypse. We listened to him because he looked quite pious, sounded well versed you know. Oh, and he had a zillion followers on Facebook, Twitter and everything!” If that is all we have got to answer for then I am guessing we all are going to have a serious problem on the day. Because that is not an answer that will get anyone a pass into second grade never mind into heaven!

Nas, Naima (blogged by Sarah Perle).  “Jerusalem by Naima Nas, Egypt.”  Yala Press, December 15, 2015.

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