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I can guess at the choices faced by governments better than charting out the answers.

How many Muslims currently serve in the Uniformed Services?

How many of those have committed treason in direct deed or by facilitating a “Green on Blue” attack?

The services certainly have the data from events in the combat arenas plus Fort Hood, but I’ve no idea whether anyone has bothered compiling and assessing that data for the purpose of channeling Muslim personnel.

In Israel, a vetted Muslim officer has produced honor for himself, his service, and his country: http://www.jewishnews.co.uk/theres-only-one-country-in-the-middle-east-that-could-produce-a-soldier-like-me/

In the United States, Nate Terani has done the same.

As you know, but I will repeat myself, I have seen an “Islamic Small Wars” breaking down into medieval and modern parts, and it appears to me the modern are growing their ranks while the medieval, like those producing today’s assault in Brussels, have made themselves the targets of massive transnational counterterrorism criminal investigations. The west will roll them up through the end of the year (a year that will also mark the 25th year since the dissolving of the Soviet, and the two, the Soviet and global terrorism, have never been unrelated).

No one today should blame Moscow for Brussels, not even in the most twisted of theatrical political thinking, but the perverse clinging to Medieval Political Absolutism and the relation of that to the criminal part of feudalism should perhaps not be overlooked.  When the assault on Brussels is taken apart, the experts will certainly attempt to reverse engineer every aspect of the attack back to who acquired the explosives for it, how, and involving whom.  The criminal act that makes the headlines may not be separated from the flowcharts of less visible crimes — where did the money come from? Who built the bombs?  Who else was in on the conspiracy? — associated with its design and management.

My somewhat extreme correspondent had wanted all Muslim personnel banned from U.S. military service.  Ridiculous — and on this basis: the mass casualty and recruiting center assaults that have taken place on American soil have each been preceded by caution-creating behavior, language, travel, or foreign warning sufficient to urge detention, investigation, or refusal to enter the country prior to each event.  After the attack in San Bernardino, the excuse that there had been “no warning” may be dismissed.

On a related note, Mitchell Gray’s book, I Heard You Were Going On Jihad: How a Minnesota FBI agent may have prevented a second wave of attacks before 9/11 and exposed the Oklahoma terror network certainly raises questions about the Federal government’s working methods as regards possible foreknowledge, but it doesn’t shift responsibility for the 9/11 attack away from the Jihadists that commandeered a handful of airliners.

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