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The university campus is becoming increasingly hostile to both Jews and Israel. From what I have witnessed and experienced, it is no side effect, but rather part of a deliberate and well-planned strategy. We are witnessing an entry operation.


Arab-American college radicals such as Jess Ghannam (a professor of psychiatry today at UC San Francisco), Zahi Damuni ( a biochemist, formerly of St. James University in Canada), and Mazen Qumsiyeh (a geneticist from Yale, fired for anti-Semitic emails), some of whom were born in the West Bank, went on to graduate university and with their professional incomes started the group Al Awda (Arabic for “the Return”), an organization set up to promote PLO and later Hamas goals against Israel’s existence.

During this time, Al Qaeda was also founded by a Palestinian named Abdullah Azzam, the mentor for Osama Bin Laden. This was the Muslim jihadist link behind the BDS Movement to this day.

Today, the leadership of Al Awda helps promote BDS along with myriad other groups and clubs that have sprung up to promote starving out the Jews in the Middle East and, by extension, linking to the worldwide jihad. Al Awda is still very active in the USA and in promoting BDS.

BDS was launched in Israel in 2005 by Palestinian Jamal Juma and later Omar Barghouti, an Arab student from Kuwait attending Tel Aviv University helped to specifically launch the academic boycott in Israel and worldwide with the help of Jess Ghannam, Manzar Foroohar (an Iranian Muslim) and some other Arab professors in the USA in 2007 that comprised a steering committee.

http://israelbehindthenews.com/exclusive-undercover-investigative-films-expose-inner-workings-of-bds/14626/ (paragraphing added for readability on BackChannels).

David Collier’s investigative piece in The Algemeiner (April 21, 2016) details the methods used to find and fund Palestinian students specifically to stir up BDS-related anti-Semitic sentiment on the campuses of the United Kingdom.

Lee Kaplan, who has made a career of investigating the International Solidarity Movement (in BackChannels’ opinion, too many themes lead back to Moscow, Soviet Era and Feudal Revanch), has produced a sprawling tour de force in investigative journalism, videos included, as regards connections between Islamist movements and the BDS Movement.  It’s difficult reading for the wall of verbage presented to the eyes online, but, for the patient, it’s rich with BDS Movement links back to the history of Palestinian terrorism, and it affords insight into the greater politics leading into the progressive circles that unwittingly — or, if otherwise, less innocently — sustain suffering throughout the middle east.

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