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According to Jonathan Kay, I am a fear mongering, xenophobic Islamophobe because I am against the wearing of the niqab in my country. He is just one of far too many “journalists” pushing an ideology that has no basis in reality.

I am, in fact, against an ethic that promotes supremacy-of Muslims over Jews and Christians and other infidels. Dhimmitude. I am against an ethic that treats women as chattel, oppressed and suppressed, with no human rights, let alone civil rights. I am against people living in my country who wear that powerful misogynistic, paternalistic symbol of that ethic when our country has worked for generations to free women from paternalistic control. I am against an ethic that refuses to tolerate, include or accommodate those with different beliefs. I am against an ethic that promotes teaching hate of others-particularly Jews.

Bederman, Diane.  “Will that be facts or feelings?”  Canada Free Press, May 7, 2016.

Related Reference

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