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This follows from the previous post.

What is the difference between “moderate” and “extreme” politics?

And how “packed” should a blog post be?

Closing in on “Syndicate Red Brown Green” works a little at a time, at least for those who care to overview the results from a search like “Ferguson and Gaza”.

Ferguson is not Gaza — and Gaza would not be Gaza without Hamas, and Hamas is just another Muslim Brotherhood / Muslim Botherhood organization like . . . ISIL, the gang of the day.

In some ways, suffering — hunger, indignity, inequality, injustice — is the same everywhere, but we all don’t point the fingers the same way.

“White police shot a black man!”

Uh huh.

Except it was a Latino policemen, neither “white cracker” or Yalie WASP.

Should we even notice the “white guy” was Latino?

Not really.

We only do it because we’ve been made to notice that the deceased was black.

Before this is over, more fingers will point to force personnel evaluation or training, one or the other, not the whiteness of the force or the blackness of the community.

Probably, Philando Castile was an American Everyman who could have been any man.

This is what courts are for: examination, second looks, reevaluations.

Those old Lefties (and, believe me, this is being written by an old liberal) — now the New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost Left?: to hell with the courts!

It was murder — and don’t forget to show whitey what’s what downtown.

So here comes that long hot summer involving some kind of 1960s and 1970s American Revanche — Glory Days!

There’s a whole new generation ready to pick up the cudgels.

Parts of the Revolution will be televised.

Anything not televised will show up on the World Wide Web.