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Putin’s Feudal Revanche

Vertical of Power
State Validated Russian Orthodox Church


Assad’s Incubation of ISIL


ISIL Attack in Rouen

For each element but that pertaining to the Russian Orthodox Church and the last, which is breaking news today, in the above statement, BackChannels has developed material or reference, e.g., the bibliography in the “Russian Section” of the library, an analysis of how ISIS defends Assad in the shameful medieval display and theater that has been running for many years as “Assad vs The Terrorists” — it’s really Putin, Assad, Khamenei, (and Baghdadi) vs The Open Democracies of the World.

This blog is not the media spotlight, which today is going to light up the undeniably “Islamic terrorist” attack in Rouen, which may promote greater division between the Catholic and Muslim communities of France unless the Muslim community intercedes to opposite effect.  Instead, BackChannels noodles around in the post-Cold War, post-Soviet  neo-feudal and neo-imperial revanche engineered by Putin.

For the vast public dependent on western mass media for political information, the Cold War is ancient history.

The Soviet dissolved in bankruptcy and chaos on December 26, 1991, and that was the end of total incompatibility between the communist and capitalist systems.

Not quite.

From BackChannels’ perspective, Putin has neatly transitioned the political and social architecture developed during the Soviet Era into something a little different and conveniently kleptocratic but also effective in returning central governance to Russia.  The term of art applied on this blog — and used as a blog category — has been “21st Century Neo-Feudalism” and that applies to Moscow’s renewed validation of political absolute power and the encouragement of despotism and extremism — Far Left and Far Right — worldwide.

While the public reads about Moscow’s fighting Chechnya’s rebels or running sorties against ISIS (or noncombatants in marketplaces), Moscow in fact has hosted PFLP representatives (an easy lookup, “Moscow, PFLP”) and refused to designate either Hezbollah or Hamas as terrorist organizations.

Fact check me, please, and forget about the “Reset”.

There was none.

Moscow doesn’t play from one side of the chessboard: it may believe it owns the chessboard, i.e., the control of politics in their totality wherever its leverage and influence may reach.

So ISIL, incubated to bribe and goad The West — and to serve as field test targets for Moscow’s most advanced weapons systems — has launched a simple attack on a medieval western target, a Catholic church in France, and Moscow looks on, perhaps knowing that without its guidance, the popular challenge to Assad’s rule would have turned into an ordinary “Arab Spring” demotion of absolute authority.  Instead of that yawner: a promotion of global criminal enterprise using ISIL (and ISIL appears blissfully unaware of how it has been manipulated into existence) to bite into otherwise peaceful and prosperous free and far more predominantly lawful states.

Excerpts and Fast Reference

That Putin would need a spiritual and physical retreat from the pressures of Moscow at a time like this is not surprising. While Russia has withstood the pressures of economic sanctions and seemingly limitless information warfare while fighting proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria, the cracks in society are starting to show.

Real hardships for working and middle class Russians due to the general global economic crisis, the collapse in trade with Europe and oil price slump are increasingly evident. However, a spirit of resistance to globalism, to the degradation and nihilism post-Western societies offer the world is also evident, with a growing number of Russians participating in the life of the Orthodox Church and new temples going up all over Moscow and other major cities.

http://www.roguemoney.net/stories/2016/5/27/putin-and-patriarch-kirill-of-moscow-at-mt-athos – 5/28/2016

The patriarch recalled that Athos’ hopes for a calm and peaceful life used to be connected to Russia and the people of Russia, but all ties were severed after the 1917 revolution and only some of the brethren of the Russian St. Panteleimon’s Monastery eventually survived.

“It was all like a ghost, some of the buildings were burned and some were desolate,” the patriarch said about his first visit to Athos.

http://rbth.com/news/2016/05/29/patriarch-kirill-thanks-putin-for-supporting-athos-monastery_598311 – 5/29/2016

Analysts say the Kremlin would welcome a Trump win because the billionaire U.S. businessman has repeatedly praised Putin, spoken of wanting to get along with Russia, and has said he would consider an alliance with Moscow against Islamic State.

http://www.aol.com/article/2016/07/26/kremlin-hack-democratic-party-emails-dnc/21439043/ – 7/26/2016  Candidate Trump has no idea of the extent to which the Islamic State has been Moscow’s project through Assad’s early election to combat other challengers to his regime while easing off the al-Qaeda type to allow ISIS to consolidate and grow as a criminal organization.