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BackChannels best guess for “CoH” — “Cessation of Hostilities”.

That “weakness invites aggression” or “peace through strength” should be concepts well known, but even so, the circumstances in total want for someone’s “good gamble”.

Are we there yet?

For NATO, the headlines from countercoup Turkey are not looking so good: NYT: “With Army in Disarray, a Pillar of Modern Turkey Lies Broken”; Reuters: “Turkish military a fractured force after attempted coup”; Fox: “Turkish military faces overhaul after failed coup”.

It was good to have won the war and the peace in 1945, but that was 66 years ago, and most of that Great Generation that fought are today permanently at rest, and what the present generation — raised on football and Kardashians — has on its plate in Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Pyongyang, Beijing, and a few elsewheres are the kind of “Great Leaders” capable of producing what has been witnessed in Syrian and what has been recorded in the histories of their own states in their rise to power.

Posted to YouTube 7/24/2016.

Addendum – August 1, 2016

Gutman, Roy.  “As Obama Dithers, Syrian Rebels in Aleppo Brace for Putin’s Onslaught.”  The Daily Beast, August 2, 2016:

In several days of phone conversations with Moscow, Kerry was unable to obtain clarifications of how the new decision was compatible with the talks he’s been holding with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

European diplomats said Kerry’s current initiative, which involved a highly controversial concession to share intelligence with Russia and to conduct joint and coordinated attacks on Jabhat al-Nusra, could collapse in short order.

According to Assad’s political opponents, that is not the worst of it.