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Posted to YouTube March 22, 2012

At the end of the video, Daniel Pipes mentions activity on America’s campuses.  Readers interested in that activity may wish to visit Campus Watch or familiarize themselves with the organization’s “Professors to Avoid” list.

Not much has changed in the post-Soviet Left — New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost — just add Black (see blackforpalestine.com).

BackChannels declines to add “Black” to “Syndicate Red Brown Green” for not wishing to lend amplification to the splinter community now updating and reenacting (in the post-Affirmative Action world) scenes from the 1960s and 1970s.

Posted to YouTube March 1, 2010

The Soviet fully dissolved on December 26, 1991 and former KGB Colonel Putin has effective transitioned his police and Party privileged — in the architecture of power — into “State Capitalism” by way of his centralized power.  On this blog, the term “21st Century Neo-Feudalism” attempts to touch on the atmosphere of the revanchist state.  Scholar Agnia Grigas employs a similar term (similarly recognizing the revanchist state): “Neo-Imperial Russia”).

Basically, Russia is capitalist and and has its fleet of oligarchs to prove it.

What contributed mightily to birthing the Far Left just isn’t there, but the anti-west quality and the sustaining of dictatorship – absolute power – remains, and it seems just that kind of power obsesses the Far Left.

Be that as it may, the reflection of anger — another term on this blog may apply: “Paranoid Delusional Reflection of Motivation” — that targets the “social capitalism” of the United States and other open democracies does indeed seem to bind militant (Black) Red Brown and Green interests.