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You missed what happened.




So have the American and international publics.

The “Phantoms of the Cold War”, including Moscow-driven deflection and disinformation, have run through the Syrian Tragedy.

We may have a medieval world in which political experience involves broad illusion and perception managed by very powerful and wealthy personalities.

That’s life.

At this point, we should have had neither the Tyrant nor The Terrorists. I happen to believe — I’m the editor of the blog — that the two are of a whole “theater of politics and combat” in which the victims — dead, displaced, injured, or deeply manipulated — had no inherent value but to serve a new master or collection of them.

If there’s a positive observation to be made, cynically perhaps, or ironically, Syria may be interpreted as a demonstration project of the medieval worldview. The more established that becomes, the more widespread the potential for conflict and similar tracts of death and mass destruction.

BackChannels rests its case.