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Syria is the world without Israel. It is the world of Pharaoh in which four dictators, Assad flanked by Putin and Khamenei, his enablers, and another benighted soul, among others, Baghdadi, each believes himself representative of law. Together, they have recreated an image of the medieval world, a complete theater of politics and war.

Israel has received and provided medical services to Syrians for many years now. It leaves the politics of each person in need outside the hospital.

As this tragedy began in 2011 in Dara where a mild protest was met with the arrests and torture of students, it got formed rapidly into a statement about absolute power. No democracy; no talk; no compromises. The prize for each kleptocratic dictator, for each absolute ruler: the power to make others suffer with impunity.


With the company of others, the Jews left Pharaoh a long time ago.

God proved greater than the tyrant.

The prompt: “A world without Israel would be so peaceful.”