IDC’s September 9 panel “Genocide and Persecution: Past and Present” at the Dirksen Senate Office Building described how such sharia discrimination is an “incubator for genocide,” according to KC Vice President Andrew Walther. Mona Malik from the Assyrian Aid Society of America similarly cited Anderson’s description of sharia’s second-class citizenship for non-Muslims as a “precursor to genocide” like that perpetrated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). While sharia in the current Iraqi constitution drafted during the American-led post-2003 regime change codifies “flagrant disregard for human rights,” Iraqi identification cards specifically name only Arab, Kurdish, and Turkman ethnicity. Assyrians, a people with 6,000 years of history in Iraq, appear on these cards merely as “‘other’ in our own homeland.”

Source: Iraqi Christians Seek Shelter from Sharia – 9/16/2016.