We have a Labour leader who:

1. Said that the 7/7 attacks were the result of UK creating insecurity around the world

2. Presented a show on Press TV, Iran’s propaganda channel

3. Praised and appeared on Russia Today, Putin’s propaganda channel

4. Is National Chair of “Stop the War”

5. Is a Patron of the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” which fights for a boycott of Israel.

6. Says that Hamas and Hezbollah are dedicated to the good of the Palestinian people and to social and political justice.

7. Says that NATO is the aggressor in Eastern Europe and that Russia has a legitimate claim over Ukraine

8. Jumped to the defence of antisemites, Raed Salah who indulged in medieval blood libel and Stephen Sizer who said that Israel was behind 9/11

9. Is not offended by the suggestion that the execution of Bin Laden and the sentencing of Eichmann

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