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Third-party adoptions take place too, but let’s not add complications to the retelling of a parable involving the difference between authentic and inauthentic claims.

http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/the_gist/1997/05/selling_land_to_jews.html offers a brief look at the Arab sale of land to the Jewish State for the development of a new agricultural economy. As with most facets of the Middle East Conflict, the depth of the bickering has no bottom, lol, but the western principle elevating integrity in the telling of history should stand. The peaceful processes involved in the development of Israel, including the chartering by the United Nations (which then Soviet Russia, among a majority of other states, approved) should not be omitted from accounts of the “baby’s” birth.

As geopolitical space worldwide naturally compartments into politically separable and potentially distinct units — x nation, region, state, county, district, city, neighborhood, township, and individual private property — nonetheless sharing the earth, Solomon’s method fails for immediate relevance: the “baby” — the land — is greater than the “mothers”. In effect and regarding the basic service required for life, common security (policing), and for trade are in fact already co-administered.

The People — either, en masse, or by more parochial organization — may “see” things differently, but that, again (coming from me), devolves to methods in misinformation continuously driven by the “carrot” that is (reward for) tribal loyalty and the “stick’ that is intimidation.

As long as a loyal ruse trumps an inconvenient truth, that is as long as the conflict will last.

However, the conflict is already . . . tired. Old.  Perhaps while the mothers were arguing, the baby grew up.

Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi, founder of Islam’s moderate Wasatia Movement, had posted a lovely personal history and parable about the middle east conflict and the biblical Solomon’s famous discerning of the birth mother of an infant laid claim to by another woman.  The true mother, so Solomon decided, was the one who would rather give up her baby than see him divided in two.

Daoudi’s suggestion on behalf of the Palestinian Cause and peace: perhaps both mothers should raise the baby.

There’s probably no need here to suggest that one of the two moms would batter the other over the next step: naming the baby.


So, up top, there’s the response.

The truth of the matter, now long publicized on BackChannels, involves Soviet manipulation and misinformation in its efforts to use the Arab world through the refugees of 1948 to block the further western liberalization that would threaten the political absolutism and totalitarianism on which authoritarian, despotic, and tyrannical regimes sustain themselves in power.

If there’s an appropriate counterpoint, it would be this: all civil societies require principles of organization, and the spectrum most certainly includes elite authority — experienced, knowledgeable, and wise — in several forms, including royalty (rule by divine right).  Even so, other principles involving ethics, human development, and morals needs must apply against the suite of politically criminal behaviors known to unbridled or “unchecked” authorities: capricious justice; corruption; kleptocracy.

Basically, the Palestinians cannot get to their oasis of peace through an ocean of lies, a body of speech that must include not only its fabrications but its own sins of omission.