Clinically speaking, the Hebrews appear to have produced legends in fact enshrined in scripture.


More faithfully and sentimentally, whence comes the urge to delegitimize Hebrew / Jewish history and spirituality?

Of course, time being time and measurable and describable thousands of years in reverse, there is what might be called the “cold story” of the region — the story told in the earth.

With just a few minutes of looking, I’ll list what curiosity has dredged off the web:





http://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/16498/jewish/Chapter-1.htm (if the finger must be pointed, point it at King Cyrus of Persia, which today, of course, would make a rather ironic point about the evil of undoing a decision made by he who composed the famous cylinder).


BackChannels appreciates the general import of the observation that when Cleopatra was young, Egypt had already an ancient history.  So it goes for Jerusalem and both the poetic and scholarly histories of its existence far back into the Bronze Age at least.