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Arab Leader.  Banker. Chair.  CEO.  Economist.  Editor in Chief. Educator. Engineer.  Entrepreneur.  Executive.  ‘First To’ in Multiple Fields.   Journalist.  Inventor.  Media Personality.  Member of the Board.  Novelist.  Philanthropist.  Physician.  Scholar.  Scientist.  Women’s Rights Activist.

BackChannels will let the browser figure out which title belongs to which personality.

Or simply graze the list.

Haifaa al Mansour

Lubna Olayan

Bayan Mahmoud al Zahran

Mona Al Munajjed

Hayat Sindi

Khaula Al Khuraya

Somayya Jabarti

Manal al-Sharif

Nahed Taher

Samira Islam

Samia Al-Amoudi

Nermin Saad

Badreya El-Bishr

Thoraya Ahmeud Obaid

Munea AbuSulayman

Lama al-Sulaiman

An article in Arabian Business provided for the extraction of names from a greater listing of “100 Most Powerful Arab Women”; Wikipedia has served both as first reference and first authority for transliterated nouns.

BackChannels, sigh, may have reached the point where passing along articles (as with the content of the “Also in Media” category) and looking things up for regurgitation may not suffice for noble or worthy effort.  Political analysis — or for the editor, verbal art — may be more the thing.  On this note for social progressives, the women listed are each their own persons who carry within themselves broad and cosmopolitan educations as well as their respective talents, and they have done so in relation to a national culture slow to welcome them but today invested in their support and the support of others like them.

The Kingdom has changed.


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