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Not even one day past elections, and the streets of New York City have filled with youthful (and some not so) protesters.

It wasn’t that hard.

There was a schedule:

http://www.metro.us/new-york/anti-trump-protests-planned-in-new-york-s-union-square-and-columbus-circle/zsJpki—lfgYTc3Gonso/ – 11/9/2016

Listed on that schedule (and perhaps eager to seduce the young and build new revolutionary brigades):

Socialist Alternative

Answer Coalition

Kolot Chayeinu

Has the New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost Left positioned for a Next New Old Now Old Far Out and Wandering Left?

Hear their voices.

From that “Socialist Alternative” —

The victory of Donald Trump is being met with shock, fear, and anger. Especially for immigrants, muslims, people of color, women, and other oppressed people who Trump has singled out for attack, the question of how to defend themselves against the coming attacks is sharply posed.

“Built the Resistance Against Trump: No Deportations!  Black Lives Matter!  Defend Worker’s and Women’s Rights!”  November 9, 2016.

From “Answer Coalition” —

U.S. Hands Off Syria
An Urgent Message for Peace on the Eve of Wider War

We raise our voices against the violence of war and the enormous pressure of war propaganda, lies and hidden agendas that are used to justify this war and every past U.S. war.

http://www.answercoalition.org/u_s_hands_off_syria_coalition_points_of_unity_statement – 10/15/2016

From Kolot Chayeinu’s Page at Big Tent Judaism —

Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives is a Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, where doubt can be an act of faith and all hands are needed to build our community.  We are creative, serious seekers who pray joyfully, wrestle with tradition,
pursue justice and refuse to be satisfied with the world as it is.  As individuals of varying sexual orientations, gender identities, races, family arrangements, and Jewish identities and backgrounds, we share a commitment to the search for meaningful expressions of our Judaism in today’s uncertain world.


Far be it from BackChannels to argue with so many principles in sentiment for which it advocates (have a look near the top of the sidebar to the left).

(Live near posting, November 9, 2016)

So who and when got this protests started before it started?

This could be the coming-of-age event for a generation — but at whose hands?

BackChannels, ever mindful of Soviet Era “Active Measures” and their persistence, appears to have time more convenient for asking questions than “looking up the answers” — when the only answers are out there on the streets this evening.

Note: it might just be cute, but word game works:

9/11 (2001) –> 11/9 (2016)

Fifteen years . . . right on time?


http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-10/us-protests-against-trumps-election/8011454 – 11/9/2016