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This past election season suggests that my fellow Americans have drifted — by way of whatever stimulus — into the “New Nationalism” represented by Trump and the toxic Far Left “Red-Green” impulses that have gotten deep into the Democratic Party.

When information is unreliable or the public can no longer make sense of it, political power may be shifted to a more informed elite of uncertain character. The uncertainty seemed about equal during the election season, but we all know that Paul Manafort proved an embarrassment and liability to the Trump campaign, and the relationship with Russia remains a presence as Moscow blithely participates in the barbarism on display in Syria.

I think Americans and others should be familiar with web searches along the lines of —

Trump, Manafort
Trump, Sergei Millian
Manafort, Kalimnik

I think Islamic Terrorism has been used to stimulate both patriotic nationalism in Moscow’s targets and to promote a loopy combination of interests representing “old comrades” and neo-Islamist Muslims.

What has happened to those closer to the “center of the aisle?

I think we’re here but positioned only to respond the amplification of politics as described — “Brown” vs “Red-Green” — across the two-party divide.