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The Russian leader has drawn open the curtain on a new era of global competition among a handful of nations that presume to act as heaven’s surrogates on Earth.America’s sense of its own exceptionalism — its “City Upon a Hill” complex — is disdained even by some Americans, who think it leads the nation into trouble. But America isn’t the only society with a mystical sense of mission. In fact, the rest of the 21st century may be the story of America’s confrontation with three rival powers that directly challenge our claim to moral superiority.

Source: The danger in nations perceiving a destiny – StarTribune.com (author: Stephen B. Young, Caux Round Table)- 4/18/2014.

BackChannels is not certain that nations, no less than persons, have much choice about the development or embrace of a national self-concept and its promises for the future.  Whether accepted as legacy or reinvented in revolution, a “nation” would seem a concept deriving meaning from shared ethnolinguistic or political experiences, principles, and values.

Here is a video by the author of the above noted essay, and its concern appears to be American domestic cohesion.

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