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Source of my aggravation:


Is it really?

The contemptuous tone and upside-down spin says something about the writer or about ignorance as regards the Moscow-Tehran nexus in the development of the conflict managed by Damascus. Those who know the truth — and thank God it’s not myself along!   — know that Assad had to work to create “The Terrorists” with which to blackmail and goad the west, and the “producers” would have known that every “Allahu Akbar Attack” would promote a reflexive response (it’s a term of art) in patriotic nationalist sentiment.



The eight-year-long show of weakness on Washington’s part with regard to Syria and Ukraine and other matters should tell the European Union (and NATO) that it’s not time to fail but rather to get it together to confront the waves of disinformation, propaganda, and spin coming off a kind of “active measures” front.

“Netizens” around the world will have to swim through an ocean of assumptive remarks, confusion, disinformation, and plain old ugly propaganda before picking up the intellectual cudgels themselves and checking claims and narratives for themselves.

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