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Key Name Search: “Ivana Kamenski”.

The noun has been moving around the more suspect corners of the web as the “hooker who had sex with Donald Trump”.

As if?

BackChannels would strongly suggest “As if” on this one.

Two days ago, good ol’ “World News Daily” shouted “Russian Hooker Who Had Sex with Donald Trump Mocks His “Tiny Penis” (January 13, 2017) and put up a composite photo (since cropped by BackChannels) featuring this babe:


Oh, but lookee here (screen-captured and sized for this blog):


Last February, The New York Daily News gave the same woman play as “Svetlana Zakharova” AKA “Svetlana Travis” AKA “Svetlana Travis Zakharova” in a piece titled, “The former $5G-a-night Russian call girl who accused Eliot Spitzer of choking her appears to write a cryptic social media post about being ‘silent'” (February 19, 2016).

What do you make of that?

A Facebook friend on the Traditional Far Left — the Aesthetic Left, the Left of guitar players and poets and magical brownies — shared with me this morning the World News Daily piece.  The look-up that followed brought a host of similar put-ups from the alley off the mainstream of everything.  BackChannels let the matter drop for a few hours — and then thought to look again for the shocker to emerge in the staid BBC or ever respectable Reuters — and so far, so good: the “news” shared to BackChannels this morning by the perhaps Naive Aesthetic Left appears a true paste-up.