KGB –> Arafat + PLO –> MEC as a kleptocratic device for those in with Moscow : UNRWA, political repression of the Palestinian community, financial exploitation of the same + “noble” sacrifice of the same against Israel –> PLO/PA millionaires and billionaires, especially Khaled Mashaal. The conflict to come in 1948 was a racket from the start. When the focus shifts from Arabs and Arab Regimes — although they certainly do deserve attention! — to Moscow, things may start to shift. Moscow has goofed in its loose alliance with Tehran and the use of Hezbollah to fight for Assad’s despotism. Somehow that rift — or coming rift — will produce greater divisions, for all have been united mainly by dictatorship and the hatred of the west. Today: Moscow’s limping into the New Year, disinterested in peace in Syria, and unable to advance — or just holding off — in Ukraine.

In any case, there’s the whole story behind Sarsour and the bogus Palestinian Solidarity movement and all of its bought-off, disinformed, and manipulated cousins.

That above: another schematic.

And that below: portals to a new world.