A BackChannels correspondent has had this to say with regard to the defense of President Trump’s immediate implementation of the business of securing America’s borders against malign personalities moving across the same from select Muslim-majority states:

There is no way to vet refugees from failed states- some of whom have ISIS in control of passport machines.

That is nonsense.

Moreover.. This XO [EO] was needed to stop the veritable PARADE of foreign jihadist clerics into my community.

In the past few months alone visas have been granted to Imam al-Nabulsi from Syria who has openly stated Jews everywhere are fair game as targets.  He came to my community to “teach”.  He has openly advocated killing gays.

Before him Sheik el-Mekki of Khartoum was here teaching- also a member of the death to gays apostates and Jews club.

Before him Iranian cleric Sekalesfar [Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar] rolled into town: “It’s the same with gays. We should kill them now. Out of compassion . . .”,  his well publicized words.

And a few weeks later that’s precisely what Omar Mateen would do at Pulse.

How in the hell is the state department not flagging these guys?

How are they being given visas?

Those are just a few of the Clerics I can name off the top of my head. THERE HAVE BEEN DOZENS in Central Florida in the past two years alone.

This is MADNESS.

The ranks of DHS and the state department need to be purged.

There is something DESPERATELY WRONG with this.

The above has been mildly edited away from personal chit chat.

Video featuring Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar posted by The United West April 6, 2016.

Posted by Resistance Against Islam on September 1, 2011.