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“Gaza Fortress” has been pretty much defeated as regards its ability to obtain rockets, if not build them, and its ability to overwhelm the IDF in some kind air and tunnel blitzkrieg. In addition to the plain physical facts of the fighting life, Hamas has made its role as a kleptocratic politically repressive organization glaringly obvious to the people of Gaza, who may not be able to do very much about it but perhaps burn with growing resentment.

Hezbollah, the advanced army of the Ayatollah, on the hand . . . .


At the moment, Russia has been supplying S300/400 surface-to-air missile systems to Hezbollah in Syria, but with nothing said about their being smuggled back into Lebanon.

I would imagine — having only imagination for data, lol — that such a large stockpiling may be destroyed at the outset of war with Israel.

After having been isolated by the Arab Powers over time, I don’t think anyone can deny the existence of a separate “Palestinian People” — but we sure can deny the cooked up KGB narrative that engineered Yasser Arafat and the PLO and produced a system of clans and leadership profiting from the continuous enforcement of the misery of the same.


Everyone wants “peace in the middle east” as if Israel were the problem, but few to none in my experience care to revisit what the Soviet Union put together for the refugees of 1948 and how it has continued to this day to meet with Hamas, Hezbollah, and PFLP and to in effect sustain the conflict in its anti-western, anti- rule-of-law, and now displaced anti-Semitic enthusiasm.


As an aside: I advocate for joint Israeli-Egyptian suzerainty for Gaza (let’s let Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) know). Such an arrangement would provide for democratic home rule but joint foreign oversight over the external affairs of the suzerainty.

Elsewhere in the world, as with Balochistan as mastered by Pakistan, the arrangement exploits the suzerain for its resources, but I think that Gaza and Israel have developed more than enough day-to-day arrangements in basic services and shipping/trade that little would change while the exploiting of the Palestinians by Hamas would be reduced.

Back to rant: please tell me why Moscow has been kept offstage in discussions of the plight of the Palestinians?


Relevant to the politics of the Soviet / post-Soviet space: