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How about the future political face of Palestine?  In Gaza, Hamas just elected their replacement to Ismael Haniyeh. If you thought that the old face of Hamas was bad, the new face is even worse.  Haniyeh was a disciple of the Muslim Brotherhood. His replacement, Yahya Sinwar, is an arch-terrorist linked to the extremist Islamic Salafist movement.

Sinwar was released from a twenty-year prison sentence on gross terrorism charges as part of a prisoner exchange for the release of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier kidnapped from Israel and dragged into Gaza by a Hamas terror cell and kept in captivity for five years. Sinwar is not only responsible for the deaths of many Israelis. He is also reported to have murdered Palestinians with his own hands on alleged charges of “spying” or “collaboration” though it is more likely that they opposed his ruthless Hamas oppression.

Source: The View from Israel.: The Inevitable Outcome of the Establishment of Palestine.

Probably most stories about the Middle East Conflict are unconsciously about the oppression of Palestinians by tyrannical Palestinian governments.  BackChannels may note as well that all have some relationships — from talk to arms — with Moscow as in the Soviet days.  Today, of course, Moscow represents not Communism but plain despotism — “political absolutism” is the term for look-up — beneath the banner of resurgent nationalism that in fact sustains an enormously wealthy oligarchy while much of the rest of the state falls into financial collapse.  That Hamas and the PLO exploit the Palestinians for similarly kleptocratic gain should surprise no one but the perpetually naive given to the programming of the leftover Far Left.

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