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Premise: my conversational partner had shared with me a video: “2016 NPS Finals – San Diego – “Islamophobia” – and it was a perfect piece suited to interpretation as old Soviet “Active Measures”.


You should know this history.


The argument in the above video is disingenuous in many regards.

For starters, Dylan Roof has been condemned as a white supremacist nutcake whose targets also believed in Jesus.

Next: in conflict and military terms, absolutely yes, the White Supremacist movements are absolutely a threat to America’s “domestic tranquility” and the same are tracked by the FBI and followed by a number of anti-hate organizations, from the ADL to the SPLC.

Adam Lanza (I don’t wish to look up the spelling) was an autistic rule-based child whose mother had told him something that he had misconstrued in line with his disability or alternative way of formulating his social reality. The poets have in fact used a mildly afflicted child as an emblem for their political cause.

I find that execrable verbal behavior.

How about you?

Timothy McVeigh, if you do your homework, may have had through his partner a Philippine connection with Islamic Jihad and the building of fertilizer bombs. With a little imaginative sleuthing, you will find the data for that story online.

You know my theory: Moscow promotes chaos for various reasons, including that of making itself look strong against . . . Islamic Jihad. It would work if western analysts and perhaps an increasing number of journalist were not so aware of “Active Measures“, false-flag operations (“Moscow Apartment Bombings“), “Reflexive Control“, and other concepts associated with KGB and Russian State behavior.

Do you see democracy, freedom, peace, and prosperity in the above video?

I don’t.

I see vultures who have figured out how to make a lot of money for themselves by creating and exploiting conflict.

The KKK has been asked to remove their robes, and they have been deeply marginalized in America’s political culture to about this day. This day seems to be a little different as the New Nationalism appears to appeal to the white supremacist community (by the way, the KKK was no friendlier toward Jews than it was African Americans).

The three poets are lying by way of the misrepresentation of political history — and you’re helping them.

Regarding Islam and Islam in America, it really doesn’t take much energy to locate anti-American / anti-State rhetoric in the mosque and the conflation of submission to God with obedience to the guidance of the imam.

“Stop letting the fear . . . .”?

Again: Moscow, Moscow-Tehran. They have got a good thing going with Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIL, and so many others.

Political Absolutism and Totalitarianism vs Open Democracy and Checked Power

Which side are you on?

Peace be upon you, but please consider the role of disingenuous rhetoric in getting a British driver to plow into pedestrian innocents.