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Kurds look to Washington for military, economic and political support, rightly so and often without a choice. However, Kurds must also realize that Washington throughout history has assisted Kurds only incrementally. No US administration has helped the Kurdish nation wholly, which crosses four nations, one of which is a NATO ally, Turkey.The political discourse in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is the making of Kurds themselves, not the lack of international support. Both US and Russian heads of states are watching the situation in the KRG closely to see if Kurds are capable of responsible governing. If the KRG fails to immediately resume parliament and hold transparent elections, it will surely force the US to ignore calls for independence.

Source: Kurds must focus on Rojava, not Turkey

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“Rojava” – “The West” – boasts “bottom-up democracy” in which the people have their voice, gender equality, cooperative economy, and respect for ecology.