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All wars are tragedies.

When they’re done, what next takes place tells a lot about both sides. No other refugee of war population on earth has been so cruelly suspended in time as have the Palestinians by Arab and former Communist interests.

I don’t believe Israelis — Christian, Jewish, or Muslim — care to teach an “alternative narrative” made out of whole cloth to assuage the feelings of the then Arab world. Seventy years of Arab apartheid have contributed to this conversation that in the realpolitik of greater history masks the culturally transmitted hatred of the Jewish People.

Credit Russia with the forgery that has been “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; credit White Russian emigre fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution with the transmission of Russian anti-Semitic invention into Germany in the 1920s; credit the Nazis and Hitler with soaking it up; when the Nazis were settled at the end of WWII, credit Soviet Russia with once again promoting anti-Semitism in the Middle East to seduce Arab figures of similar bent into the Soviet sphere of influence — https://conflict-backchannels.com/2015/10/12/ftac-tip-to-the-kgbs-amplification-of-middle-eastern-anti-semitism/ — and further credit the Soviet KGB with the setting up of Arafat and PLO and operating the conflict for the gain of the leadership and its feudal system of patronage.

So for how long should so hideous an anti-Semitic narrative be sustained by Arab interests at the expense of the Palestinians?

The malign narcissistic expression of power in the feudal world had always the strength to turn day into night and call darkness light.

That such dishonest and sadistic systems fail in their far out drifts into battle and bankruptcy — have a good overview of today’s Syrian Tragedy — seems seldom to bother the demented leaderships largely insulated from the dismal effects of their expression of will.


Such stories — murdering children to build tunnels through which to attack Israel; destroying a city so thoroughly that it overshadows the once unique images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for horror — have become emblems of what today’s medieval mentality continues bringing to (and doing to) the Palestinians.

BackChannels had placed Efraim Karsh’s book at the top of the comment because it so well lays bare the want of covering of what might be perceived as shame associated with the the two failures: 1) the failure of multiple Arab armies to destroy the State of Israel in its infancy; 2) the failure to defend Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs caught between armies and displaced by battle and wartime politics.

Add today to those two remarkable events the impressing of the refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt for nigh on 70 years while those clustered around Gaza City and Ramallah ingest a placating narrative focused ever on the blame and destruction of Jewry for all their woes — and as much goes down while the multi-millionaires and billionaires of the “Palestinian Resistance” (to democracy and human rights) comfortably sip coffee while continuing to make nefarious deals elsewhere that include keeping the Palestinians in political irons.