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Comey Speaks

In the House: Hezbollah

Live feeds from Capitol Hill would seem old news for television watchers and no longer brand new for web watchers, but it is something to have the option of witnessing national affairs as members of the media have attended these events for years.  Perhaps greater opportunities will develop for remote “desktop-based” journalists to ask questions in the venue of choice.

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From the Awesome Conversation

Flag-waving Americans love their FBI and have — or have had — the highest regard for the nation’s preeminent law enforcement institution. This — and I’m listening now to Comey’s answers to inquiry — is going to be awfully tough for the more strident of American conservatives to favorably “deconstruct” with credibility. Plainly, President Trump asked for loyalty to himself and by extension his power and his designs. Our top police officer listened very carefully to that talk, and now we are all listening carefully. On the table: the public’s judgement of the integrity of our Federal government.