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The prompt: ” . . . in Las Vegas something happened that possibly characterizes the psychological state of society.”

The psychological state of the society has been pretty damn good, and that by way of observing the local response to the atrocity at the time. From “first responders” to concert goers who were themselves in danger throughout — and could not have known themselves not in danger — our society pitched together against blood and chaos.

What to say of the asshole?

He’s been a little bit mysterious. There’s one image of him hanging out with an ANTIFA crowd . . . but there appear no signs of affiliation characteristic of that crowd, which existence responds primarily to white supremacist bullying beneath the radar of local police. So that image (of Paddock associating with an ANTIFA event — once) is there but doesn’t mean much.

Perhaps the girlfriend’s testimony has changed in some way or other evidence has been uncovered, but the last I heard, “Paddock” — what a name: so close to horses; so close to herding — maintained no political affiliations and “scant” social media presence.

The only thing “Vegas” characterized was Paddock’s own lost soul.

It seems everyone around him, by comparison, had theirs fully intact and good to go.

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