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The KGB and its counterparts in the countries of the Warsaw Pact kept on infiltrating neo-Nazi organisations in West Germany and some other Western countries, but then with a different aim, namely to goad them into extremist activities, only to accuse Western countries of the alleged resurgence of Nazism afterwards. One example of such initiatives was the ‘swastika graffiti operation’ devised by Soviet KGB General Ivan Agayants, who at that time headed the KGB Department D (disinformation), and carried out in 1959– 1960 in West Germany. 79 In that period, KGB agents painted swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on synagogues, tombstones and Jewish-owned shops. Jewish families received anonymous hate mail and threatening phone calls. The initial KGB operation would stir up residual anti-Semitic sentiments in the West German society and, consequently, produce a snowball effect where troublemakers would carry out anti-Semitic activities on their own.

Shekhovtsov, Anton (2017-09-08). Russia and the Western Far Right: Tango Noir (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right) (Kindle Locations 1272-1279). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.  (Publishers URL).

Amazon U.S.: https://www.amazon.com/Russia-Western-Far-Right-Routledge/dp/1138658642.

Related Reference

Michel, Casey.  “Inside Russia’s alliance with white nationalists across the globe.” Interview with Anton Shekhovtsov.  Think Progress, October 15, 2017.

Note: the above relayed passage was highlighted while reading and before encountering Michel Casey’s interview with the author, in which it is described as “One of the most widely cited moments in reviews on your book . . . .”


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