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Top: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rep-steve-cohen-introduces-new-articles-of-impeachment-against-trump/ – 11/15/2017.

Bottom: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/pictures-president-zimbabwe-robert-mugabes-rise-fall-1647387 – 11/15/2017.

Add for contemplation: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/photos-brief-bloody-anti-soviet-hungarian-uprising-1956-1644224 – 10/23/2017.

–So he’s a thug.

–Which one?

–It doesn’t matter: why not let him have his little state?


BackChannels will demur here from commenting on the standing President of the United States but may note that little things like stiffing dozens of subcontractors, building hills around a golf course in-holding, selling off a $42 million property for about $94 million to meet a few debts (Harry Homeowner: try to beat that for obtaining a favor — and note: the buyer razed the property: it’s a field by the Atlantic Ocean today), sabotaging American universal health care, deriding the most professional news organizations in the world as “Fake News!” may not endear the same to all ordinary Americans who despite their many vulnerabilities may enjoy a modicum of dignity and protection through true democratic representation.

Poor Robert — this editor has long suggested that Mugabe’s long presence in power not only proves that a ruthless and wily dictator may not only get away it but perhaps pass away in an untroubled sleep somewhere in his 90s.  Nope.  Well maybe.  In any case, BackChannels didn’t see this coup a-comin’, but there it is and fair cause for becoming desktop-addicted newsie.

Hungarian Uprising, 1956: I was looking for Soviet officers hung from lamp posts, a detail reported in a BBC video about Vladimir Putin’s cultural memory (perhaps I was looking at the wrong event, so will look again) but found the visual record formed by the collision of the deeply resentful against the then militarily powerful.  Similar images may be dredged up from the web for the end of Mussilini and the Ceausescues.

Related in Wikipedia: “Russian–Hungarian relations, 1945–1991” —

Historic photograph, 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet occupation.

Historic photograph, 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet occupation (source: Wikimedia Commons).