Grant Arthur Gochin

JRep – December 11 06-07Commentary

Jerusalem Report Article,  publish date:  December 11, 2017.
Volume XXVIII No. 18, pages 6 & 7.

Defective Heroes

Grant Arthur Gochin

Defective heroes abound. Currently, in Lithuania, evil is on display.

Prior to 1915, (for approximately 700 years), Jews lived in Lithuanian territories and enjoyed relative peace. After a Russian expulsion of Jews, independent Lithuania realized their loss of human resources and invited economically active Jews to return to Lithuania, with promises of autonomous communities and full equal rights. This honeymoon period lasted until 1924, when Lithuania abolished their post of “Minister without a Portfolio for Jewish Affairs”.

After a coup in 1926 the Lithuanian Voldemarist movement arose, it conflated Jew hate with Lithuanian patriotism. A subsequent Jew hate movement arose called Verslas, so that, by the 1940s, Jew hate and Lithuanian patriotism were synonymous in many circles. Protectionism was legislated to suppress Jewish businesses…

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