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In the New Age of Active Measures, the countermeasure is the conveyance of truth — not “alternative truth” or multiple possibilities derived from promoted fantasia — supported by great curiosity and integrity as married to equally great journalism and scholarship.

A friend promoted the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty project as focused against deceptive and disingenuous political cant designed to whip up extremist emotion and stupidity in Asia as well as in its older domains.

In regard to information and integrity in speech online, BackChannels has published a few related posts that may convey an image about Potemkinism in political speech: there are those who project through language the way they might wish their followers would see the world and themselves.





BackChannels really hasn’t an issue with political presentation and “show business” in general but rather with a depth in totalitarianism in which accusation (especially “reflection in the mirror“) and conflict (and related barbarism) would seem to have no point but of the completely artificial conveyance of image.