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Inspiration: no other source than God-given existence itself.

Zionism has been always progressive — real yearning, real communes, real economic development, real inclusive democratic politics, real compassion for real people.

The Palestinian project has had other drives, most of all the defense of autocrats and their societies and states deeply invested in and dependent on political absolutism. They don’t want to change, and the GOOD reason for that has been to avoid creating conditions for cultural chaos, so change has to be mapped and done in steps; the BAD reason has to do with excessive greed, fear, and narcissism on the part of politically criminal leaders who need to deflect anger away from themselves.

To be truly progressive for Israel (and everyone else) means getting to the kind of cadre that continues to promote BDS and the political levers and methods associated with that “active measure” against the liberal humanism and ideas that have developed from Judaism and its emphasis on good law and social transaction.