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Posted to YouTube August 27, 2018

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Ramaphosa, Cyril. “EXCLUSIVE: ‘This is no land grab’, writes Cyril Ramaphosa.” Business Day, August 24, 2018:

During this year the department of rural development and land reform released results of a land audit to establish land ownership patterns. Among other insights forthcoming from the land audit, it emerged that:

  • Individuals, companies and trusts own 90 per cent of land in SA, and the state 10 per cent
  • Of this 90%, individuals own 39%, trusts 31%, companies 25% and community-based organisations 4%, with co-ownership at 1%.
  • In terms of farms and agricultural holdings, 97% of the total agricultural holdings are owned by 7% of landowners
  • Agricultural land ownership by race: 72% of farms and agricultural holdings are owned by whites, 15% by coloured citizens, 5% by Indians, and 4% by Africans

For decades, the country’s assets — its land, its minerals, its human resources, its enterprises — have been owned, controlled and managed in a way that has prevented the extraction of their full value.