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“United States of America — Basic Training.” BackChannels, February 2, 2017.

BackChannels has been enjoying — appreciating, actually — the NBC News videos on YouTube featuring each of the notables speaking at Arizona Senator John McCain’s funeral service at the National Cathedral this day in Washington, D.C.  More remembrance, the service even at its most personal heights — see the previous post featuring Meghan McCain’s reflections on her father’s death — has been an extraordinary reflection on the American spirit and the principles and values that inform the nation.

After God Bless America, may God bless Town & Country for the transcriptions.

Hubbard, Lauren. “Read the Full Transcript of Barack Obama’s Speech at John McCain’s Funeral.” Town & Country, September 1, 2018.

From the above delivery by former President Barrack Obama:

In captivity John learned in ways that few of us ever will the meaning of those words, how each moment, each day, each choice is a test. And John McCain passed that test again and again and again. And that’s why when John spoke of virtues like service and valor they weren’t just words to him, it was a truth that he had lived and for which he was prepared to die. And it forced even the most cynical to consider what were we doing for our country? What might we risk everything for?

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Pogrund, Gabriel and Colby Itkowitz.”McCain memorial: ‘What better way to honor John McCain than follow his example’. The Washington Post, September 1, 2018.