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We had been talking about South America, the promotion by the Left of anti-western and frequently anti-Semitic ideas.

The only defense against indoctrination: critical independent reasoning and research.

The Left leverages the sense of hardship and resentment known to “the masses” — or just plain too many people. To undermine that leverage, the responsible wealthy have indeed to program some to produce a less discomfited but more positively motivated general population.


Physical Comfort and Security

–basic reliable clothing, food, housing

Psychological Comfort and Security

–basic responsible autonomous personal decision making: aesthetics; ethical, moral, social: dignity and freedom.

Political and Social Comfort and Security

–basic human rights and defense / freedom from criminal enterprise and intent

For the most part, those who are affluent or reliably employed enjoy the positive attributes of the above dimensions, and so much so that we don’t even think about them. We have our “basics” covered and our public security institutions and systems, so we believe, “have our backs”: we are free to be ourselves, to work as we may or must, and in a manner of our choosing.

Where the above are lacking is where the Left / Far Left finds leverage: injustice, insecurity, insolvency (III).

The three “I’s” involve always degraded personal security and the extension of that out to related family and community.

Well recognized universally: many forms of crime committed against persons may be also crimes committed against the state. In the case of murder, for example, whether or not anyone else cares about the deceased, the good state cares.

Where the state cannot defend the natural and right interests of The People — the dignity and freedom of the lawful — the Left / Far Left finds purchase in the interests of the same.

Conservatives, of course, may know abuses too but when empowered without restraint are the more likely to abuse their dependents and labor because . . . they can — too much money, narcissism, and will may produce a ferocious power giving way to the worst expression. Then “absolute power” becomes the power to visit suffering on others with impunity. In that regard, Far Left and Far Right authoritarianism bleeding into fascism may produce similar conditions, and those who would be free and possessed of dignity would from the moderate ranks rise and separate themselves from either extreme to battle back excessive political and social control and exploitation.