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Inspiration: “Build the Wall!”

“The Guatemala government said it was adopting measures to stop the entry of more migrants from Honduras and El Salvador into its territory, although attempts by both Guatemala and Mexico to halt the flow have failed.”

Mexico News Daily.  “Third migrants’ caravan scheduled to leave El Salvador within the next week:
The number of migrants traveling through Mexico could soon reach 10,000.”  October 24, 2018.

Law is all fine and dandy, but the kind of migration witnessed before this point — I have never before read of a “caravan” in the western hemisphere — has been driven by the dissolving of the state’s power in place and its replacement by barbarism and desperation, i.e., the development of a beneath bottom state in financial and physical insecurity. The threats of depredation alone should have stalled the tide (here’s a related story:


South Africa was to work out an MOU with Zimbabwe for the permitting of labor spilling away from Mugabe’s disaster, but I’m sure the mechanics are the same universally).

Who wishes to be the first to shoot migrants en masse at the breach of a border?

That may be one reason they’re getting through each state.

Perhaps the UN should step in as it has elsewhere and start building refugee camps in Central and South America until one state or another develops the will to actually bend the government to service on behalf of the people and the more firm development of both basic-modest lifestyle and security needs.