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Welcome to BC’s morning.

— For the past five months, Swedish television SVT has had access to a large quantity of classified documents detailing Danske Bank’s dealings with Swedbank. There were a large number of transactions between the banks’ clients between 2007 and 2015.

The analysis reveals that 50 of Swedbank’s customers that show several risk indicators of suspected money laundering have funneled a total of USD 5.8 billion through the bank.


Related 58-minute program: “Uppdrag granskning: Sasong 20 – Swedbank and the money laundering” (English subtitles) — and BC’s going to watch it.

Do companies love misery together?

Swedbank’s woeful story has a companion and near neighbor: Danske Bank (“Danske Bank pulls out of Russia, Baltics after money-laundering backlash”, Reuters, February 19, 2019).

Little — or lesser — birdies (BackChannels, aloft on small wings and little nourishment refers to itself) have been known to tweet first thing in the morning.

Not only in America these days (does Macron tweet?), but even one tweet among millions of followers . . . wow . . . .

BackChannels wrote about Reflexive Control and the “New Nationalism” many, many moons ago — and here’s that term today on the cover of Foreign Affairs: “The New Nationalism” (March / April 2019 magazine — the online series URL has the embedded date of “19-02-12).

Reheat the coffee; warm up a slice of caramel cake; watch that Swedbank documentary — what can a poor boy to do but to play online as a street fighting — c’mon you Phantoms of the Soviet! — ham?

“Mick” 1969

Right spirit, but (oy) what a long, strange trip . . .