Screen capture from CNN video featured at the end of this post.

The heart of Paris has been burning for hours.

It’s sad.

Is that it?

The burning of Notre Dame is beyond sad, profoundly sad, cosmically sad, and sad beyond belief.

Pile on the adjectives — there is nothing that will come close.

What history have you seen?

Think of the history it has seen (start year: 1160 A.D.)

Tonight: grief.

One may hope that grief shared worldwide.

Did you work at Notre Dame or in any of the businesses serving its limitless parade of tourists?

One may hope the governments of Paris and France, first, then God, and then everyone else considers your well being especially this night. Tomorrow will not be just another day.

Tomorrow: expect to read about economic and environmental impacts, the destruction (and possibly saving) of priceless art, and the modern memory of an architectural space that has been ever consoling, reassuring, always there, defining “normal” by day, and beautiful, so I have heard, at night.