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This is the report: https://www.hrw.org/report/2018/10/23/two-authorities-one-way-zero-dissent/arbitrary-arrest-and-torture-under

Regarding Palestinian Land Ownership: http://www.badil.org/en/publication/periodicals/al-majdal/item/1055-land-ownership-in-palestine/israel-1920-2000.html

“Palestine”, so declared in the course of Roman conquest, has never been a sovereign power but a suzerainty through all of its existence.

“The Palestinians” have never before been a People, but given 70+ years of the Arab Apartheid that stranded the refugees of 1948, one may grant that the Palestinians are a unique People desperate for autonomous, responsible, and responsive modern governance.

We know the Palestinians are not getting that governance.

This is the kind of “governance” meted to Palestinians by Hamas: