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BackChannels readers should be more sophisticated than those who embroil themselves in arguing for or against capitalism, communism, and socialism.

For what Venezuela has come to experience, all of the “isms” are superfluous.

Venezuelan dictatorships have chosen repeatedly to ignore good advice. Credit the Chavez Regime for its contribution to this illuminating report from Foreign Policy: https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/07/16/how-venezuela-struck-it-poor-oil-energy-chavez/


Venezuela is rich in natural resources, and that far beyond oil!

And yet, the “socialist” dictator would not encourage the diversifying of the economy through even modest individual capitalization or devotion to good ideas.

Now people have gotten the message and they’re scraping gold off of the earth — and growing gardens with earnest interest in bare survival.

Migration: 4 million, according to the above Fox network video.

And yet Maduro and his cronies will attempt to assure Venezuelans of the government’s ability to recover (while demonizing The North).

Venezuela has failed.

The state needs valued cash supply, humanitarian aid, and a transition that puts the latent wealth of the nation into fair and just use.

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YT Generated, King Radio (Norman Span) – Today’s Mathilda would be fleeing Venezuela.