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AIFDtv, July 26, 2019.

M. Zuhdi Jasser has long — and long before 9/11 as he reminds in the above video (8:44) — advocated for a moderate Islam, or approach to Islam, compatible with American democratic principles, broadest popular participation in governance, and authentic religion and religious freedom.

You’ll see even individuals like this man in the center, Siraj Wahaj, who when I was in a Navy uniform in 1995 held up the Qur’an at the Islamic Society of North America that it is his mission as a Muslim to make America into an Islamic state and replace the Constitution with the Qur’an. I went to the mic at a conference larger than this and said, “This is sedition. I reject your values” – and this is in ’95, just to tell you I’m not a post-9/11 activist in this issue and also to tell you that this man is still on boards of many major Islamic organizations, and yet I show pictures of that New Mexico compound where his children and grandchildren were established, terror compounds, and yet he disavowed himself of violence.

As stated in the above YouTube video.

Mentioned: American Muslim Jurists Assembly

While Jasser defends and encourages American Muslim patriots, he recognizes the weird admixture of Islamist and Left/Far Left attitudes and beliefs that has produced a movement critical of conservative values and frequently associated with anti-Semitism. Those who follow BackChannels know that the blog would assign that tired pairing of neo-socialists and Islamists to Moscow and its “Active Measures” that encourage or promote Far Left / Far Right extremism in the United States, a coupling goes back to the Soviet Era and has been brought forward to contemporary domestic and foreign affairs. Essentially, the forces responsible for the abdication of the Shah of Iran (February 11, 1979) are today part of the American political landscape with no apparent shortage of under-informed followers.

Regarding the Far Left’s assault on America and its covering or ignoring the post-Soviet sphere of socialist experiments and, alas, criminal enterprises, Jasser reminds BackChannels of “Accusation in a Mirror” (referenced on BackChannels December 12, 2012; available online via Loyola University’s LAW eCOMMONS).

” . . . and we take them on by recognizing that American Muslim identity is something we need to engage . . . . ” (11:30).

Mentioned: Muslim Liberty Project, American Islamic Forum for Democracy

BackChannels cannot but imagine that the Left and affected portions of the Ummah are becoming conscious of the role Moscow has played in the . . . encouraging of Islamic violence, other absolutism — the planting of the old medieval world in the modern one goes far beyond religion — and corruption and kleptocracy.

From time to time, BC circulates this piece about Ayman al-Zawahiri‘s arrest and stay in Russia: Schindler, John. “Exploring Al Qaeda’s Murky Connection to Russian Intelligence.” Business Insider June 10, 2014.

Of course there’s a profound difference between whispering in someone’s ear and their independently flying airplanes into buildings. Still, John Schindler’s 2014 report intrigues while lending sense to the apparent reversion to a seemingly medieval polarization in politics in the heretofore modern American democracy.

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